Monday, November 5, 2012


Tomorrow, November 7, 2012,  is a really important day.  Here are some of my guidelines on deciding which presidential candidate is best for our country. 

 I want a leader, not a boss.

I want that leader to be respected by other global leaders.

I want that leader to be gifted intellectually.

I want that leader to be in touch with average Americans.

I want that leader to understand what it is like to be poor.

I want that leader to understand the hardships of single parenting.

I want that leader to realize that students need financial help and it often won't be able to come from their parents.

I want that leader to understand the Constitution and the law of the land.


Please vote for him if you are undecided.
You are probably as sick as I am about all the negative ads, and we should not buy into them without some fact checking. To that end, if you think Mitt Romney is truthful about his background as a businessman and is the answer to our fiscal problems, try this.  Go online and read some of the information about what he actually accomplished in Massachusetts while he was governor. It would appear that he ended his four year term with a 34% favorable rating and was ranked 48th out of 50 governors.

I personally don’t mind if people change their positions based on new information.  That’s part of growing wiser. This is a good thing.  However, It feels like Governor Romney  wants the presidency so badly that he changes his position to suit his audience rather than because of  new insights.  This is a bad thing.

There is a Wikipedia link below. Other sites are available for fact checking. 

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